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We provide a two year onshore employment visa to Freelancers. The designation we provide on the visa is subject to your professional experience and educational background. 

FreelancerVisa.com operates  a Ministry of Labour License that permits our Visa Holders to work at multiple clients. Choosing to working under our Freelancer program means that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are legally working as a Freelancer.  

Freelancers under our platform can work at any government entity and all private sector mainland companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of the Northern Emirates. In addition Freelancers can work at select Freezone’s including JAFZA, DAFZA, DIFC, KIZAD, ADGM and More..

Invoicing support is extended to all our Freelancers who require a VAT Invoice to be raised towards their customer. FreelancerVisa.com transfers the invoiced amount to your  bank account upon receipt from the client and takes care of all VAT reporting and compliance. 

If you are an Emirati, GCC national or already hold an active residence visa, you can still freelance under our program. FreelancerVisa.com will provide you with a work permit under our entitiy, allowing you to legally freelance in the UAE. We are licensed by the Ministry of Labour, so when you get your work permit processed, you can legally begin to freelance.  

FreelancerVisa.com does provide Freelance Opportunities through FreelancerHub.com platform. 

Yes you can apply for a freelancer visa while Outside of the UAE. You however require to enter the UAE within 60 Days of the visa Issuance to complete the procedure to have it stamped in your passport. Failure to enter within 60 days may results in a forfeiting of the Visa, and the application will need to be reapplied bearing the entire cost once again.

To apply for a freelancervisa, we require the following , 1. Passport Copy 2. Photograph 3. Completed Application form 4. Payment for first year of permit. 5. CV and/or an Attested Educational Certificate. FreelancerVisa.com provides education certificate attestation services for an additional charge.

There are no hidden charges to pay for the FreelancerVisa. Charges for the Freelance visa platform are paid annually, at the beginning of contract for the year and covers everything mentioned as part of the package.

Additional Charges Apply for Supplementary Services:
Document Attestation: Variable based on Issuing Country.

FreelancerVisa.com provides a 2 – Year Onshore/ Mainland Visa. The Visas are issued under the Ministry of Human Resources, Immigration and Labour. We are licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Labour. 

To sponsor your family, freelancers require a ministry of labour contract that mentions a minimum monthly salary of AED 4,000.

Freelancers who wish to sponsor their families will need to place a salary of 4000 or higher. 

The salary mentioned will be invoiced to the freelancer on a monthly basis.

Freelancers will then have to pay their monthly listed salary + Vat and the salary amount will be transferred back to them to their bank accounts, through the Wage protection system every month.

FreelancerVisa.com issues Ministry of Labour Onshore Visas from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Freelance Visa holders are permitted to work across the UAE, at all Mainland/ Onshore private and government entities.

FreelancerVisa.com does not issue visas from other the Emirates. 

Freelance visas are available across a large variety of professions including Marketing, Advertising, Events, Management Consulting, Accounting and Finance, Medical Professions, Administration, Business Development, Training, Coaching and Much More.

Freelancers can take up opportunities that are Full Time, Part Time or on a Consultative basis.

Contractual Documentation is required to be maintained between freelancers and their clients and registered with FreelancerVisa.com as per UAE Government regulations.  Contract formats are provided to freelancers upon joining the platform. 

Yes you are eligible to apply for a driving license with the visa provied by FreelancerVisa.com. Driving license eligibility is limited to Dubai and Abu Dhabi depending on which jurisdiction you choose for your visa. An NOC letter is required from FreelancerVisa.com in order to apply for your driving license and is provided on request for an administrative fee of AED 60.

Visa Holders can travel In and Out of the UAE with no restrictions. FreelancerVisa.com holders must ensure to not stay outside of the UAE for a period exceeding 6 months at a time, in order to keep the visa valid as per immigration regulations.

Visa Holders who stay out of the UAE for over 6 months will face an automatic visa cancellations as per UAE Immigrations Guidelines.

The Media City Freezone and other Freezones offer freelance permits within their Jurisdiction and are all excellent options for Individuals to consider.

They are restrictive by the fact that a permit holder is only allowed to work within the Freezone that the permit is issued from.

FreelancerVisa.com offers a mainland/Onshore visa, which provides more flexibility to our Freelancers when choosing freelance opportunities.

Freelancers should consider a Permit that suits their customer locations.

FreelancerVisa.com is a ideal platform if you find that most of your customers exist Onshore on the Mainland. 

If you are on a Visit Visa and wish to start freelancing, the Freelancer Essential and Platinum Plans are both suitable options for you.

Dependents sponsored under their Husbands/ Parents qualify for Freelancing. A work permit is required along with an NOC from the primary sponsor. The freelancer self-sponsored package is suitable for such individuals.

If you are currently in the process of cancelling your visa, you will require to provide us with the visa cancellation paper along with the required documents to start your process with FreelanceVisa.com. 

Full time employees are permitted to take up part-time freelancing opportunities. A individual in such a scenario requires an NOC from the primary employer and the freelancer self sponsored package to ensure legal compliance.

Immigration rejections are made by the Security Agencies of the UAE in coordination with the Immigration Authorities. If you have previously been rejected for a Visa in the UAE by the Immigration, it is highly likely that you will face rejection by the same authorities under FreelancerVisa.com.

We do Not recommend you attempt to secure a Freelance visa, if you have faced previous rejections by the authorities as FreelancerVisa.com is Governed and Regulated by the same Authorities.

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